Makesure you have your UserID, Account #, Password

-First timers,Launch ROES Now – Account #

- Fill out MY ACCOUNT BOX – 

-ROES should remember you from this point on.  So when
  you launch it again, you can just hit the “Start Ordering” button.

-Choose your Dropdown Menu, example:  Portrait, Click Proofs,
 Double Click the selected Node.  Once the node is in place, drag
 your selected image, hit Add to Cart, repeat.  

- You can always check your Cart. 

- Catalogs.  You cannot change catalogs in one order.  You must complete that
  catalog/order and START a new order in a different catalog.

  *Please make sure we have your credit card on file*

**Make sure you SELECT the correct SHIPPING method of your choice!!!!



If you are a NEW CUSTOMER and are in need of SAMPLES, we offer 50% off of FALL SAMPLES and 50% off of SPRING SAMPLES.  
If you are ordering for the FALL, please place your order(s) and in the “Special Instruction” box, please type:  50%Fall Samples.  Repeat instructions for the Spring.